Projects :


This website goal is to put online information from my CV and projects I worked on and to be able to go deeper than with paper CV. To do so, I installed a web server to host this site and other projects (Apache server, Apache Tomcat , Node.js). Also I installed a mail server to easily contact me from this site. This site is developed in PHP using a MySQL database. The backend uses AltoRouter for routing, class.upload.php to manage file upload and image resizing and finaly html2pdf to export my CV in PDF format. Because this site is in French and in English and perhaps other languages could be added, part of the translate is done in database and the other part by using gettext. The frontend...



Public or private chat rooms, developed to increase my knowledge of Node.js. Using Node.JS, Express.JS and Socket.IO with JQUERY and Bootstrap.

Sound Reacting Player


Application reacting to your listened music. To do so it uses P5.js library.

Bubbles Relexaing Welcome


Small client side application to use P5.js library. It uses environment elements like webcam and sliders but also bubles reacting to mouse moves to use P5.js vectors.